They say have a story - be personable. So here's my story:  This blog is a 2.0 version of another blog that slowly faded into nothingness.  It has risen due to the need to get out an explore the magical world of New York City.  


Fantasy like story telling aside, I am a twenty something year old millennial who prides herself as a true introvert.  Binge watching shows and seamless is easy, large groups, coordination and social responsibilities are not. Yet, with so much going on in New York, how is it okay to always stay under the covers? At one point I decided that it isn't and if I were to be accountable for it I'll make my mission to explore. 

After failing my first blogging attempt, I decided to tackle Instagram as a means to escape.  I say escape because as I was growing on Instagram, I was also going through visa issues, aka, trying to stay in the country desperately.  Going to places and creating beautiful content in fact became my anchor. Now, I am in fact accountable for bringing the best of what this city has to offer. 

It is an ongoing adventure, amplified by you! So, please do contact me with any questions, suggestions, ideas, or even just to say hi!  Put your e-mail below and let's explore together!




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