February 28, 2018

Why must rooftops be seasonal? Come summer time, New Yorker's are eager to throw themselves out to rooftops, enjoying the views and the breeze.  Why must the rooftop bars loose their importance in the winter.  Well, here are 10 rooftops that will change anyone's mind about them going out of season. 

1. the Lodge at Gallow Green

Photo Credit: Conor Harrigan

I'm especially a fan of Gallow Green because of how chill it is.  I feel like it might be someones rustic couple's lodge that happens to have a kitchen and a cocktail service.  Bunkbed's and couches are dispersed around the space.  There are even tents with outdoor heaters on the forest like open space.  It's easy to find a quite corner here and chat.  Or just share the couches with strangers and make new friends in the common  area.  If you're in for unwinding, this rooftop is perfect.  P.S. since Gallow Green is located at McKinttrick hotel, don't forget to check this place out after Sleep no More.  Or even better, get your...

February 21, 2018

Dim lighting, maybe even candles on the table; slow ambient music lingering.  What are your requirements for a romantic dinner date?  Something low key maybe?  Maybe a little fancier so us girls can have an excuse to dress up a little.  Whichever way you might go, these restaurants are perfect for no hustle dinner dates with your significant other. 

1.La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels 

Because is there a better way to spend your night with your significant other than at a European kissed new wine bar? That is if you are set on going out.  This wine bar brings back retro looks in a highly classy way.  Repeated semicircular rectangle black marble is juxtaposed on white marble only to meet circular tile on the floor right around the perimeter of the bar.  The signature section is the niche with the black marble room, accompanied with the industrial wooden high table that sits more than two.  Hence, you are better off getting comfortable on your lush cushy chairs around one of the low wooden...

January 31, 2018

Looking to impress your significant other and surround yourself in an extravagant setting?  Look no more.  Even though restaurants below might be considered appropriate for an engagement announcement rather than a date night, when impressing one another gets even harder each year, taking the extra step may leave a heavier burden on the wallet.  Afraid not, the scenery will be as jaw dropping - if not more- as the check.

One if By Land, Two If By Sea

Didn't get tickets to Hamilton? You can eat your disappointment away in what was once Aaron Burr's carriage house. Re-purposed carriage house may be New York's most romantic restaurant. A true classy candlelight dining experience. Chandeliers light the space, but only ever so slightly.  Restaurant has three prefix options; $90 for a three course meal, $125 for a six course tasting menu; and $185 for six course tasting menu with wine.  A la cart option is only available at the bar.

Photo Credit: One if by Land, Two if b...

January 3, 2018

The Loyal

Right where the grid of Manhattan dissolves and adventurous intersection of 7th ave, Barrow St and Bleecker St forms; there stands The Loyal. The restaurant is perfect because it fits into whatever shape your day/ night is about to take.  It's classy but not too uptight, thus perfect for a date.  It's fun and elegant but not old school, thus great for a dinner before a fun night out.  It's classy but not super pricey.

This American Brassier brings on the chic decor.  Borrowed from the French, the outermost layer of the seating is reserved for three circular tables seating three or two diagonally permitting the presence of the city to be in ones view in the periphery. As for the rest, all is adopted from the seventies.   

The space is clearly divided into two sections; the front seating section is engulfed by the bar in one end and partial height dividers on the other.  The skinny slab of horizontal marble turns the outer perimeter of this...

December 27, 2017

As the day's get shorter in December, New York City balances lack of natural light with Christmas lights.  Oh so festive; suddenly the restaurants are filled with ornaments; the facades are decorated; and if we are lucky, we may even get sprinkles of snow.  Here's a must see New York City bars for your bucket list for the holiday season.

Rolf's Restaurant Bar

Rolf's Restaurant & Bar @ 281 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010

Put on your ugly sweater and head to 22nd and 3rd.  You will be greeted by  of bazillion of Christmas decorations.  While the decorations stay up from September till May, not surprisingly this German restaurant is extremely popular during December.  You can expect to find various schnitzel options and sausages.  Make sure you have a t-shirt underneath that ugly sweater because with all the lights, the restaurant gets toasty.

Pete's Tavern

Pete's Tavern @ 129 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003

Located at Irving Place, Pete's tavern welcomes Chri...

June 1, 2017

Gotta love New York City with its vibrant cuisine options. If you love Mexican food accompanied by great decor, read along.  Cinco de Mayo might be behind but lets be honest tacos and margaritas are timeless. What you eat goes so far unless the decor is jaw droppingly beautiful. It's no secret I pick my restaurants for the design. Here's a list of Mexican restaurants curated for you to photograph and be photographed in  with teed bits of info why they made it into my list, and why they must be on yours!

1. Tijuana Picnic

Image via @landonvonderschmidt

One tequila. Two tequila. Three tequila. Floor.  Millennial life: counting sheep only after counting shots -nope, not since college- Main feature photographed in this gorgeous space is the humorous sign yet even with squinting eyes and blurry vision, the place has so much to offer. Round tables carved out of patterned wooden wall create intimate spaces.  Because who doesn't want to sit in a booth? If you intend to spontaneously have tac...

May 11, 2017

Do you have Mother's Day plans yet? Fret not, here are some great options where you can put your resting brunch face and New York City lovin' attitude with your mom.  All the hats we wear on a daily basis from a friend to a sibling to a working professional; it's incomparable to the number of hats mothers wear. They are doctors when need be, teachers, trainers, cooks, tailors, stain removers, advisers, psychologists and so on. They are walking talking google with the ability to be right at all times. They are especially good at knowing when you will be getting sick so you really should wear that jacket. Jokes aside, this Sunday every queen mother needs a day indulged in champagne, uplifting decor, and you. Here are four great spots where you can make that happen.

1. Jacks wife Freda 

Image via @parisamilano

Cuteness overload. Jack and Freda's love sparked the creation of two great restaurants with lines out the door. While this is a great brunch spot, unless you know the hostess, exp...

April 20, 2017

In large, this page is about New York City life style. Urban in its disposition, its a catalyst for facilitating experiences through the spaces and events depicted. In a city that's impossible to keep up with, -believe me I try- it's about having a backlog of places so you don't have to end up at the bar next door. It's about looking forward to that dinner reservation because you cannot wait to check the place out.  It's about enthusiastic group texts minus the stress of trying to figure out where to go; a list of suggestions accompanied by witty comments and whole lot of positive vibes. But, there are pitfalls.

February 22, 2017

Do you run on caffeine 70% of the time? Is coffee a must to start your day? Yeah, I'm guilty as charged as well. As much as I love a great cup of Joe, or intelligentsia, or stumpton, what I love even more is to sip it in a beautifully designed, tranquil space. And not only so I can take photos, as hard to believe as it sounds, but because great coffee and a gorgeous space is a match made in heaven. Maybe because the craziness of tax season is finally catching up with me, or maybe simply the craziness of the city is, so... I found myself looking for pristine cafes where marble meets tile. A voila your next flatlay Instagram coffee post. 

We all know about those perfectly curated coffee shots, regularly accompanied by sunglasses, the New York Times, a clutch... partially framed outfits leaving rest to observers imagination. Here's a list of four New York cafes whether you choose it for their photogenic qualities or caffeine intake, or both, make sure to star them in your google maps.


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