October 1, 2019

Do you have an upcoming trip to Charleston and want to know where to go for best photos? This is your guide to finding instagrammable places in Charleston.

September 5, 2018

When all said and done three days is such a short period of time for any city let alone for the city of love.  If you are traveling from anywhere outside of Europe, there's jet lag to overcome.  I'm a stickler for a solid itinerary! (read tips on how to plan for an instagrammable trip here) Due to vigilant planning using the tips from the post mentioned before; my feed stayed in Paris for over a week. Here is what we managed to squeeze into three days, and what you should bookmark for your next trip to this magical city. 

Day 1

While I am a big advocate of following the unbeaten path, discovering the hidden gems, one must see the classic spots first, ri...

August 19, 2018

Here is your how to guide for planning an explore page worthy instagrammable trip, wherever and whenever you may be traveling.

Are you excitingly packing your bags for a well deserved vacation? Yes, me too! However long your trip may be, making the most of it for some, most of us means documenting all the right things at all the right moments.  Yet, with so much to see, how does one even start to plan for an explore page worthy vacation?

As I am going through my three week, two country ig-cation, this very problem was what I had to endure planning for this trip.  Alas, mid way through with photos to take me through weeks, I can say my research was a s...

May 23, 2018

 Download your PDF guide for free here.  All recommendations for future guides are welcomed.  Until our next adventure. 

May 9, 2018

Maybe it’s from dragging your feet from point a to point b. Or it might be the redundancies of urban life. Monotonous train rides are accompanied with  same announcements. The air feels to stuffy and sometimes so does everyone around. If you’re feeling anything remotely similar to those anecdotes mentioned above; it is time to embrace the nature. This new type of camping is now conveniently called glamping. Why give up bare necessities just because you want to embrace the nature? 

Cue the Getaway house. A happy realization of HGTV’s tiny homes two hours away from either New York City, Washington DC, or Boston. A secluded oasis with all infrastructural neces...

May 2, 2018

How do you experience a city?  Is it the streetscape, or the museums? The must sees or the hidden gems? How many times one needs to visit a city to really experience it?  Surely, the touristy stuff must be done, but what about the cafes, the hideouts, the street life? We've all seen D.C. right?  It's the backdrop to major action movies, tv series, and even a reality show lately.  That is the reality.  Snarkiness aside, please find the musts of the city, from landmarks to restaurants.

Photo credit: @dccitygirl

If mesmerizing spaces call you, if you’re mesmerized by grand structures; the Capital will fulfill everything you have imagined in term...

January 24, 2018

As charming as New York is, it's absolutely necessary to leave the city and feed the internal travelbug.  I have replaced New York city adventures to Los Angeles ones.  From one amazing city to another, how is one supposed to keep up with everything to see, all the restaurants to try while juggling traffic jam instead of subway delays? Responsibility of tackling the city aside, my boyfriend and I had personal obliations to fulfill.  Such as spending time with friends and family.  When all considered, the long weekend felt too short.  I even felt the need to have two breakfasts, one lunch, and two dinners in order to hit all the restaurants on my list.  Alas, we...

January 10, 2018

Scribner's Lodge 

Only two hours away from the craziness of New York City, Scribner's Lodge is the perfect getaway spot for those looking for a calming yet chic break.  Located at the skirts of Hunter Mountain in Catskills, Scribner's Lodge can give you the hikers dream get away as well as marshmallow snobs cozy lodging.  

After stepping into the charcoal colored wooden structure, the charm of the lobby is engulfing.  The lobby houses multiple couches and desks for reading, working, and playing board games.  The couches are garnished with furry and knitted throws.  In the center of it all, is the fireplace, surrounded by more comfortable seating.  You c...

May 1, 2017

Cities are layered. One has to peel each layer one by one, reveal each experience one at a time.  Experiencing a new city for the first time is no easy task.  Going through touristic attractions first; going through tourists first... I perceived.

Although this was my second time in D.C. when thinking of number of museums visited; might as well be regarded as the first.  No complaints here, thanks to great recommendations from a fellow instagrammer, @golightly, great pictures were scored! Onto important notes...

Every capital is burdened by impressive structures.  The glory of it's architecture is the very representation of the glory of the nation....

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