10 Insta Worthy Mexican Restaurants in New York

June 1, 2017


Gotta love New York City with its vibrant cuisine options. If you love Mexican food accompanied by great decor, read along.  Cinco de Mayo might be behind but lets be honest tacos and margaritas are timeless. What you eat goes so far unless the decor is jaw droppingly beautiful. It's no secret I pick my restaurants for the design. Here's a list of Mexican restaurants curated for you to photograph and be photographed in  with teed bits of info why they made it into my list, and why they must be on yours!


1. Tijuana Picnic


Image via @landonvonderschmidt



One tequila. Two tequila. Three tequila. Floor.  Millennial life: counting sheep only after counting shots -nope, not since college- Main feature photographed in this gorgeous space is the humorous sign yet even with squinting eyes and blurry vision, the place has so much to offer. Round tables carved out of patterned wooden wall create intimate spaces.  Because who doesn't want to sit in a booth? If you intend to spontaneously have tacos in this place, unless your spontaneity includes a reservation, you will be out of luck.  Just like I was one Saturday.  Admittedly, neon sign was the initial feature that grabbed my attention to Instagram, the tiled backdrop sealed the deal.  Even in orange dim light; green, yellow and white tile with colorful retro chairs is an instagrammer's dream.  Stay tuned.


Image via @barrilatwins


2. Salvation Taco


Image via @sarameier14


Rooftop, tacos, margaritas.  Need I say more? Umm, yes.  Because Salvation Taco is not like any other taco place in any other rooftop. Located in Pod 39 hotel, this rooftop has high brick walls punctured by colonnaded arcades. the only intrusion between you and the sky is string lights threading across.  Can you see why this place needs to be on your list? You may feel amazing when Friday night plans you had made on a Wednesday gets canceled so you can netflix and wine in your bed, but trust me if it's here, you do not want them canceled.  Plus, foodies rejoice, fun-patterned tables are a photogenic bonus. Public service announcement; this place is packed especially on the weekends. Consider making a reservation -definitely make a reservation!


Image via @moh117


3. Camacho's

Image via @jasonmoodyfoodphoto


A great spot I had the chance to visit- in their opening night, too- Similar to Tijuana Picnic, the neon sign is the initial magnet to Camacho's.  At a closer look, swinging chairs along the window is just dreamy. Let me sip my margarita and swing back and forth. It is indeed interesting to stay under a strong red light and watch the glimmering reflection from the chandeliers above the bar. What is great about this place - besides everything- is that how the restaurant is divided into two portions.  The front part is more crowded, louder both in design and decibel level and the back room is where one can sit and speak comfortably without fighting the music.  If you want a fun night where you don't care what your partner is saying or have an intimate conversation with one another, there is room for both in here!


4. Pulqueria

Image via @nickglimenakis


When a secret taco joint you have starred in your google maps turns out to be a secret burger joint - to be posted- and all you want in life is tacos; there comes disappointment. In the midst of misery, walking aimlessly in Chinatown, if you see a sign that says "IN TACOS WE TRUST" you go down those stairs wherever they may lead. Fortunately, they led to Pulqueria, a place of tacos with exotic decor. Triangular pattern both on the floor and on the walls was very Aztec like. Even under the dim light, the charm of terracotta dividers with woven chairs against sometimes bare brick, sometimes patterned walls is unmistakably beautiful.  It is a spacious space with ample number of seating options; however, it is New York, you never know.


5. La Esquina

Image via @_andynicholas


Famous Taco Stand in Soho with corner type face.  The facade of this restaurant is so urban, so charming you definitely had seen it on your feed once or twice. Rightfully so. While I definitely see the charm of this spot being an after a night out destination, what is more intriguing is the secret restaurant downstairs. How many of you were aware of this fact?  I definitely was not. A little mystery never killed no body. Apparently, one goes through the kitchen down the stairs to get to the restaurant space.  To be posted.  If you have already been; comment below, let me know!


6. La Loteria

Image via @forrest_elliott


Tiles. Shoefie. Yellow stools. Among all the places mentioned so far, La Loteria is by far the simplest and most lit.  In other words, the aesthetic here is quite different then every other place you've read.  With wooden tables and wired chairs, the decor is quite clean.  Tile on the floor is the only pattern, and the yellow on the stools is the only splash of color.  Still dreamy, very high on the list. 


7. Gran Electrica

Image via @granelectrica


Backyard.  Backyards are now in season as much as rooftops. Because eating under nothing but the sky - and string lights, of course- is the dream come true. If they hadn't already convinced me to come and shoot away at the courtyard, the green wall sealed the deal.  Drinks are the cherry on top. Seriously, doesn't greenery just make it all better?  What looks also great about Gran Electrica is that the interior is as refreshing as the exterior.  I cannot wait to see it for myself, what do you say?



8. Lupe's

Image via @mariaflexa13

Pastels.  They really do not go out of trend.  This baby blue and powder pink combination is enough to put a smile on anyone's face - before you stuff yourself with food, of course. Aren't you surprised that you haven't seen any photo shoots from this place?  I certainly am! Where are those wide trousers gracefully hanging from these stools?  Aim to get here for lunch or happy hour after work, since it is extremely casual.  


9. Bar bruno


They are the Margarita masters!  If you find yourself wandering in Brooklyn with a phone almost dying and a stomach too loud to bear, this is a great spot for some comfort food and booze.  There is a slight obsession with football -ehm, soccer- but hey, we are all about places with character here!  Casual brunching is highly recommended. Aren't margaritas supposed to cure hangovers? The play of green and the red is easy on the eyes; along with gridded tiles.  It was all so simplistic, making way for photos and posters hanging on the wall. Retro but chic.  Did I mention they say they have a margarita lab?  With summer finally here, you can enjoy your margarita on their spacious sidewalk seating area.  Let me know how it goes.


Image via @meenmeen_


10. Tacombi @ Fonda Nolita

Image via @nourkabbani


They have a freaking car inside!  Does it get cooler than that?  Wait, it does. Because with playful accent colors and exotic fruit display, the bar area pretty much screams come take a photo here.  And you should. Needless to say, the car and the bar area were the main magnets for my attention.  A voila, Tacombi @Fonda Nolita is on my must go places.  Isn't in yours now? Expect a crowd on the weekends.  This place sounds ideal for an after work boozy dinner on a weekday.  That's what I'll be doing anyways. 


Image via @tyb_o


Well, this wrapped up the list.  Are you drooling tacos yet?  I definitely am as final words on this post is being typed up.  What is more appreciated than a tequila and a burrito combo, is hearing your thoughts on this post.  Comment below, let me know!


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