20 Places that Deliver Heart Shaped Pizzas for Valentines Day in NYC

February 12, 2017

Street art by @dowlingmeagan. On W 28th Street, between 7th and 8th Ave.


Yes, it's cheesy.  Yes, pun intended.  Between all the love sculptures, where to eat on Valentine's Day posts, and forget about vday; it's me day commercials; all I can think about when said Valentines Day is pizza, ice-cream, and wine. Perhaps all of the above.  Welcome to a twenty something year old female's single life.  Figured, this Valentine's Day I'll do something unexpected and write about pizza instead.  What a great way to start a blog.


If you're looking to order in, binge watch shows riding solo yet want a heart shaped pizza because why the hell not; here are 20 places to order from.  Before spilling out the list though, let me walk you through my research process since I am shamelessly so proud of it.  After writing "pizza" in google maps, I called 75 places that came out as results. Out of 75, only 20 said they will be delivering heart shaped pizzas.  Don't you think it is a bit surprising, I definitely thought there would be more.  In fact, I was under the impression, heart shaped pizzas were a must for Valentines Day. Apparently not. So before you rush for seamless; look if you're in the delivery zone for any of these places to get your very own heart shaped pizza. 


1. Arturo's Pizza

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit surprised when the voice over the phone said yes they will be delivering a heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day.  This was the 10th place I called and the first affirmative responder; thus made me question whether they had understood me properly.  

Address : 1610 York Ave

Number: (212) 288-2430

Price: $$


2. Delizia 92

This is a yes upon request so please indicate the customized shape:) 

Address : 1762 2nd Ave

Number: (212) 996-3720

Website: delizia92.com

Price: $$


3. Two Boots (UES)

Definite yes; however, I would indicate the desired shape regardless.  I called the upper east side one so please verify other locations.  

Address : 1617 2nd Ave

Number: (212) 734-0317

Website: twoboots.com

Price: $$


4. Farinella 

Definite yes, again I recommend requesting a heart pizza regardless.  

Address : 1132 Lexington Ave

Number: (212) 327-2702

Website: farinellabakery.com

Price: $$


5. Salvo's Pizza Bar 

You know the drill. 

Address : 1477 York Ave

Number: (646) 590-1925

Website: salvosnyc.com

Price: $$


6. Garlic New York Pizza Bar

Address : 629 2nd Ave

Number: (646) 559-9500

Website: garlicnewyorkpizza.com

Price: $$


7. Numero 28 Pizzeria

Yes upon request.

Address : 176 2nd Ave

Number: (212) 777-1555

Website: numero28.com

Price: $$


8. Joe's Pizza

Yes upon request. The gentleman on the other end of the line, asked for my name after saying 'oh, yes'; thus left me a bit dazzled so please do let me know if you end up ordering from Joe's. 

Address : 7 Carmine St.

Number: (212) 366-1182

Website: joespizzanyc.com

Price: $


9. Koronet Pizza

Yes upon request. 

Address : 2848 Broadway

Number: (212) 222-1166

Website: koronetpizzaofnewyork.com

Price: $


10. Best Pizza

Yes upon request. Can I just say the name is simply amazing. I think the url for bestpizza.com was taken:)

Address : 33 Havemeyer St. 

Number: (718) 599-2210

Website: best.piz.za.com

Price: $


11. Motorino

This was a definite yes, but please do make sure. 

Address : 349 E 12th St. #A

Number: (212) 777-2644

Website: motorinopizza.com

Price: $$


12. Lombardi's

Yes, upon request.  Thank you kind gentleman over the phone for explaining less toppings are better for custom shaped pizzas. Keep in mind, less is more. 

Address : 32 Spring St. 

Number: (212) 941-7994

Website: firstpizza.com

Price: $$


13. OTTO Enoteca e Pizzeria 

Yes, upon request.  

Address : 1 5th Ave 

Number: (212) 995-9559

Website: ottopizzeria.com

Price: $$


14. Rossopomodoro

Yes, upon request.  

Address : 118 Greenwich Ave

Number: (212) 242-2310

Website: rossopizza.com

Price: $$


15. Solo Pizza NYC

Yes, upon request.  

Address : 27 Avenue B

Number: (212) 420-7656

Website: solopizzanyc.com

Price: $


16. Emmett's 

Yes, upon request.  

Address : 50 Macdougal St. 

Number: (917) 639-3571

Website: emmettsnyc.com

Price: $$


17. Pizza Italia  

Yes, upon request.  

Address : 307 W 17th St. 

Number: (212) 242-4242

Website: pizzaitaliany.com


18. Harry's Italian 

Yes, upon request.  

Address : 225 Murray St. 

Number: (212) 608-1007

Website: harrysitalianpizza.com

Price: $$


19. Harry's Italian Pizza Bar 

Yes, upon request.  Yes, these are two different places. 

Address : 30 Rockefeller Plaza 

Number: (212) 218-1450

Website: harrysitalian.com

Price: $$


20. Nonna's LES Pizza 

Yes, upon request.  The lady on the phone was super nice, even told me they were discussing delivering heart shaped pizza's with a friend earlier that day.  It is a thing. 

Address : 105 Clinton St. 

Number: (212) 477-2708

Website: nonnaslespizzanewyork.com

Price: $$


Granted there are countless pizza places; however, this is where my google maps list terminated.  If you end up getting a heart shaped pizza from an establishment that is not listed above, please comment below and let me know!  Also, shout out to Pizza Beach Upper East Side for telling me it would be too romantic to have a heart shaped pizza.  You guys are funny, and that was an awesome come back.  Also, thank you Ribalta for kindly explaining they would not be able to make that many heart shaped pizzas with regular shaped ones. Hope you enjoy your vday! Let me know how it goes! 





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