4 Monochrome Perfection Cafes in NYC

February 22, 2017


Do you run on caffeine 70% of the time? Is coffee a must to start your day? Yeah, I'm guilty as charged as well. As much as I love a great cup of Joe, or intelligentsia, or stumpton, what I love even more is to sip it in a beautifully designed, tranquil space. And not only so I can take photos, as hard to believe as it sounds, but because great coffee and a gorgeous space is a match made in heaven. Maybe because the craziness of tax season is finally catching up with me, or maybe simply the craziness of the city is, so... I found myself looking for pristine cafes where marble meets tile. A voila your next flatlay Instagram coffee post. 


We all know about those perfectly curated coffee shots, regularly accompanied by sunglasses, the New York Times, a clutch... partially framed outfits leaving rest to observers imagination. Here's a list of four New York cafes whether you choose it for their photogenic qualities or caffeine intake, or both, make sure to star them in your google maps.


1. Cafe La Cerra


Midtown oasis. Located on 33rd and 3rd this cafe is small but oh so beautiful. With one common marble table for ten people and a bar for 6, the space is monochrome perfection. All white walls are juxtaposed with simple, framed black and white photographs. The weaving tile pattern is especially adorable.


This place is definitely one of my top spots.  It's well lit, great for people watching, and quite. Although laptops are a great part of our existence, the lack of them in a cafe is refreshing.  One can go old school and read a newspaper instead.  Or a book? Can you already imagine yourself in all black for contrast already? Just look at the photo below, the answer will definitely be yes.


Address: 489 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

(Image via Martin Salomon Jr, @martinsalomonjr) 



2. Happy Bones 

(Image via Caroline Dahm, @sweetcarolinevd


Did the name make you smile? This cafe makes me feel warm inside and out. Located in little Italy, it's a great spot to take a break from downtown buzz. Even they describe themselves as a minimalist coffee shop. And minimal they are, with very little seating where sharing your table is caring.


Unlike Cafe la Cerra, this place has more of an industrial feel, still contrasted by marble tables. The walls are white painted brick, where local art is displayed and sold. The black steel bench with wire backing creates elongated seating. One enters the space through a graffitied threshold to find a monochrome space behind. A must for cafe hopping. Did you star it in your google maps already?



Address: 394 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

(image via Whitney Badge, @whitneybadge) 


3. Chalait 


Cafe meets matcha. You will love this place if you love everything matcha! With couple of locations dispersed around midtown /downtown area, you can get your tranquility fix, no problem. I have frequented the one in garment district multiple times, and each time i am amazed how an elegant space is created from what it feels like a loading area. I'm pretty sure a freight elevator opens up into the space, right behind the bar. There's only bar seating for four so I highly recommend heading there during off peak hours. Warm plywood is a nice complementary touch along with succulents that can elevate any flatlay any day. Point proven, check out the photo below.


Have you been to other locations? Let me know, I would love to take a peak, cite you in the next post! In fact, I'm excited to try other Chalait locations, since part of me wishes there were more seating options in this one.  Although the space is extremely charming, it is incredibly small.  There's only seating for four! 


Address: 1216 Broadway, New York, NY 10001

(Image via Anna Joe, @caffenap)



4. Bakeshop by Whoops 

(Image via Reagan Rosen, @reagan.alicia)


Whopps, I did it again. Who else breaks into song lyrics unsolicited? Anyways, on to a more important subject...Last but not least, Bakeshop by Whoops is chic perfection. Textures on textures, their patterned tables are bound to make any flatlay coffee photo look good. Be advised, this space is not gender neutral. In fact, I associate the space as architectural version of cotton candy, just not as pink.  Talking about deserts...The best part, they specialize in macaroons! Yumm.. 


With multiple locations in and around the city -there are a couple in NJ if you ever cross state-lines inland- you can hop into one and start sipping your coffee.  I have been to Williamsburg location multiple times, since it was a heavenly spot coming out of the L pre tackling Bedford Ave. There's a deviation from class marble tables, but for good reason.  The dark grout makes the textures pop and difference in patterns - between tables and the floor- gives you much room to play. Look at the macaroons on display, you can't tell me this place is not on your list if it wasn't already!


Address: 548 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Image via Ashley, @ashleyanne2130)


Do you have more cafe's in mind that are monochrome perfection! Let me know in the comment section or just shoot me an e-mail! I love hearing from you guys! For more, don't forget to subscribe so when I hear about something special, it can come right to your inbox.  Until next time..




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