A Gem on Bleecker: the Loyal

January 3, 2018


The Loyal


Right where the grid of Manhattan dissolves and adventurous intersection of 7th ave, Barrow St and Bleecker St forms; there stands The Loyal. The restaurant is perfect because it fits into whatever shape your day/ night is about to take.  It's classy but not too uptight, thus perfect for a date.  It's fun and elegant but not old school, thus great for a dinner before a fun night out.  It's classy but not super pricey.



This American Brassier brings on the chic decor.  Borrowed from the French, the outermost layer of the seating is reserved for three circular tables seating three or two diagonally permitting the presence of the city to be in ones view in the periphery. As for the rest, all is adopted from the seventies.   



The space is clearly divided into two sections; the front seating section is engulfed by the bar in one end and partial height dividers on the other.  The skinny slab of horizontal marble turns the outer perimeter of this section of dividers into a bar space quite elegantly.  As for the main bar, the mirror beyond is framed by skewed elliptical lighting. Similar geometrical shape of the fixtures is repeated below the bar in the felt.  The whole wall houses framed posters carrying the seventies vibe in the art form.


Hinging between the two sections, is a unique booth.  Are you a party of 7-8, ask for this table specifically.  Large circular table is 3/4 wrapped with a curved wall. Striation of marble and mirror immediately differentiates the booth from rest of the restaurant. Mustard yellow upholstered seat signals the accent color of the space.  



The color is immediately picked up in the second section of the restaurant with same posh seating.  The art work leaves its space to wallpaper of pigs in various activities.  The geometry of the bar area is reflected with the mirrors spaced on this section. 



Oh, and did you want to know about food?  It's pretty good.
























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