Don't Forget to Go to these Rooftops before Winter is Over

February 28, 2018


Why must rooftops be seasonal? Come summer time, New Yorker's are eager to throw themselves out to rooftops, enjoying the views and the breeze.  Why must the rooftop bars loose their importance in the winter.  Well, here are 10 rooftops that will change anyone's mind about them going out of season. 


1. the Lodge at Gallow Green

Photo Credit: Conor Harrigan


I'm especially a fan of Gallow Green because of how chill it is.  I feel like it might be someones rustic couple's lodge that happens to have a kitchen and a cocktail service.  Bunkbed's and couches are dispersed around the space.  There are even tents with outdoor heaters on the forest like open space.  It's easy to find a quite corner here and chat.  Or just share the couches with strangers and make new friends in the common  area.  If you're in for unwinding, this rooftop is perfect.  P.S. since Gallow Green is located at McKinttrick hotel, don't forget to check this place out after Sleep no More.  Or even better, get your tickets for Sleep No More and plan to head up here to discuss your experience. 


2. The Lodge at STK Meatpacking

Photo Credit: STK 


When you hear meatpacking and rooftop, do you think of clubbing?  Well, I would.  Yet STK brings all the winter feels with fur throws on lush couches, candles on deer heads.  Don't you worry, there's still a DJ and a dance floor.  Seasonal drinks and bites are served. There's still indoor and outdoor seating available.  If you're wondering, yes you should still put your little black dress and heels on. 


3.Baita by Birreria


No heels necessary!  Baita is another chic rooftop restaurant that transports you to Catskills.  Think ever green branches wrapped around steel beams, faux snow and patterned carpet on the floor, plaid blankets on the chairs.  Winter feels are tied together with string lights illuminating the space.  Their intention is to bring Italian Alps to your door, right at Flatiron district.  Because trekking in the streets of New York is almost as exhausting as conquering the Alps.  And we need a refuge, the comfort of Northern Italian food. What to get? Definitely the racklette.  Splurging on the Racklette Trio and the cured meet is definitely worth it.  


4. Cabin in the Sky at Mr. Purple


The view in Mr. Purple is unparalleled.  One gets the Empire State Building over the stretch of their swimming pool on one side and the Freedom Tower on the other. Winter Olympics may be over but in order to keep the spirit of the Olympics, Mr. Purple has a new pop up called Cabin in the Sky.  Decor is that of a winter cabin, with cow skin patterned throws dispersed on couches.  New additions are fake stuffed deer heads with medals hanging on the wall.  The menu also has some additions.  My personal favorite was the cheese fondue and wine flight pairing; because who can say no to those two.  Hot Toddy's presentation was extremely beautiful, and the spiked hot chocolate is hard to pass. 


5. Top of the Standard 

 Photo credit: @sarahbdyles


Because it's really hard to say no to a place called "Boom Boom Room" Such great branding, one can only imagine what goes down behind the scenes.  I've stumbled upon this place during a regular night at Le Bain.  When going up and down the stairs with heels needed to be kept to minimum, and hitting the ladies was of urgency, one prince charming of a bartender pointed out frame-less doors at the end of the bar.  Go through those doors and use the single bathrooms there, he said.  Let me tell you one thing about these bathrooms; they are pitch black, dimly lit, and has a floor to ceiling window facing the city of dreams.  Exposed much? This is the Standard after all.  Just on the opposite end of these infamous bathrooms is the Boom Boom Room. The decorative circular element above the bar is mesmerizing, posh couches, easy to sink in to.  This is a great option for those who are trying to stay away from the clubby rooftop scene but rather lounge at a chic space engulfed by the view. 



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