5 Low Key Date Spots in the City

February 21, 2018


Dim lighting, maybe even candles on the table; slow ambient music lingering.  What are your requirements for a romantic dinner date?  Something low key maybe?  Maybe a little fancier so us girls can have an excuse to dress up a little.  Whichever way you might go, these restaurants are perfect for no hustle dinner dates with your significant other. 







1.La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels 


Because is there a better way to spend your night with your significant other than at a European kissed new wine bar? That is if you are set on going out.  This wine bar brings back retro looks in a highly classy way.  Repeated semicircular rectangle black marble is juxtaposed on white marble only to meet circular tile on the floor right around the perimeter of the bar.  The signature section is the niche with the black marble room, accompanied with the industrial wooden high table that sits more than two.  Hence, you are better off getting comfortable on your lush cushy chairs around one of the low wooden tables; sit back, relax and enjoy couple of bottles of wine.  They also serve light bites to keep wining going. Whether it's sitting at the bar or on lush couches, this is a great setting for conversation under dim light, accompanied by wine, a lot of wine.  Honestly, some dates where the conversation keeps on flowing as fluidly as the wine being poured is the best.  This is definitely a must try Soho gem. 






From generous material palette to use of geometry; Elsa feels feminine, nostalgic, yet familiar.  This bar is a great spot in Cobble Hill to ease into a long night of conversation with your date.  After taking in the decor of course.  Behind the marble and brass bar stand segment of mirrors, resembling a bust.  Mirrors are framed by piping of light fixtures standing proud from the back wall.   Bust mirrors meet the ceiling through a an extruded semicircular wall.  All the curves in the space makes it so airy, so light.  As light as one might feel after carving their way into the cocktail menu.  Snag a booth if you can and enjoy the light touch this space brings. Can you tell how mesmerized I am with this space just yet?

Photo credit: @home.studios


3.Patent Pending 

It gets as low key as it can when you enter to your date spot through a hidden gateway.  The entrance to this cocktail bar might be hidden behind a cafe storefront but it has definitely created a buzz ever since opening it's doors.  Pun intended.  The space in the Tesla themed bar is is extremely tight. There’s a long bar on one side and booths for four to five people on the other. Lighting is dim. Brick wall behind the booths is furnished with candle light, accentuating the romantic atmosphere. Tesla theme is carried through from framed patents on the wall to menu design and drink citation. This place is always full so don’t forget to make your reservation on Resy. 



4.Vini e Fritti


What is more romantic than a wine bar? Yes, yes, flowers, candle light dinner, etc.  But when talking about low key, whether its a first date bumble swipe or a potential interest met IRL, this chic wine bar is a great choice.  The gold tunes with picture framed walls are equally balanced with marble counter tops.  There's plenty of stool seating around the bar and around high tables dispersed in the space. 


 5.Le turtle


The architectural designer in me is still amazed how chic this space it.  Some of us - designers- wholeheartedly believe in holding on to a simple material palette, not introducing new elements if not have to.  With white marble and black marble, with leather seats and wood backing, with concrete and steel, le Turtle has it all.  Yet still feels like an elegant collage one can be engulfed in.  From waiters in jumpsuits to spy mirror next to the restrooms, it is an experience in it's own right.  The down side, the music might force you and your significant other to come a little closer.  Cuisine is modern french; as French as the Le, as modern as turtle.


This corner table is by far my favorite spot in the restaurant.  I don't know about you guys but there's something inherently more romantic about sitting diagonal from one another and not directly across.  This is definitely highly appropriate for a first date or even for someone you've been dating for a while. Plus, I love sitting at couch-esque coushioned benches in restaurants, don't you?   



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