How to Plan for an Instagrammable Trip

August 19, 2018


Here is your how to guide for planning an explore page worthy instagrammable trip, wherever and whenever you may be traveling.


Are you excitingly packing your bags for a well deserved vacation? Yes, me too! However long your trip may be, making the most of it for some, most of us means documenting all the right things at all the right moments.  Yet, with so much to see, how does one even start to plan for an explore page worthy vacation?


As I am going through my three week, two country ig-cation, this very problem was what I had to endure planning for this trip.  Alas, mid way through with photos to take me through weeks, I can say my research was a success.  If you are one of those people going through a similar phase right before a vacation, follow below for step by step instructions to make sure you plan for an Instagrammable trip. 




1. It all starts with Instagram


Ever since Instagram rolled out collections, it has been a life changer.  Why not use the platform like Pinterest, create a board and start saving all those jaw dropping images for later?  For myself, whenever I see an image of an amazing spot weather its a cafe, a restaurant, or a landmark, I save it under the city name.  In time, things just start to accumulate for step two. 


If you're saying, girl, I'll start doing that but my flight is in two days and I don't have time for that.  Well, fret not, there is a solution.  Certain travel repost accounts will have all the information you need.  Some of my favorite travel repost accounts are: @wearetravelgirls, @sheisnotlost, @girlaroundworld, @dametraveler, @ladiesgoneglobal, and @citizenfemme.  If you know more of travel repost accounts, please comment below!  Once you find an image from the place that you're visiting, go to the original creator, chances are they have posted from that region multiple images. Repeat that process until you are content. 


The other way of using travel accounts as a guide is to look through their hashtags.  Their feeds consist of images that they chose to repost but a lot of great creators use their hashtags for more exposure and a chance for a repost themselves.  Those hashtags will have images from the place you're visiting for you to save it to your collection as well. 



2. Take it to google maps


Unfortunately this is where you have to change platforms.  If you are a lover of lists, you will understand my particularity.  For each city I have a list dedicated for my saved places.  After finding images on Instagram, transfer those locations to google maps where you can have basic information like operation hours and location, duh.  Having places on a map will make you devise an efficient itinerary with proximity in mind. You will be planning your days around regions that are full of saved locations. One quick tip, when looking at hours of operation, always double check with the website as google can have the wrong hours from time to time. 


This is where I wish google maps was a bit more advanced,  sorry google.  If there was an option to color code lists, I would create ones like, Paris - facade shots, Paris - interior, Paris - streetscape, etc. just to focus my thinking when photographing.  Plus, how great would it be if you could leave notes for yourself under your saved places.  For example, walk west for a better frame under a saved landmark. A really nice application would combine steps two and three. 



3. Pen and paper it


Old school or not, this is where you can write down your itinerary with times.  I like to prioritize places that I would like it to be empty and go to those at their opening times or as early as possible.  Thus writing down a list of places to go one after another with times attached to it is essential for that money shot. With your itinerary ready, you are en route to make sure you are getting your shots. 


4. Bonus sources


While Instagram is an amazing source for images and locations, so is pinterest.  If you read the travel blogs, bloggers also provide tips about transportation, best times for photography, what to expect etc. Furthermore certain websites such as, and are a lifesaver to cross reference all the sights that you have picked for your trip. 


All in all, hope you guys have a wonderful trip! Please comment below when you have applied these steps and how it worked out!  If you have any other tips, do share!  Looking forward to hearing from everyone!




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