4 Chic Brunch Spots for Mother's Day

May 11, 2017

 Do you have Mother's Day plans yet? Fret not, here are some great options where you can put your resting brunch face and New York City lovin' attitude with your mom.  All the hats we wear on a daily basis from a friend to a sibling to a working professional; it's incomparable to the number of hats mothers wear. They are doctors when need be, teachers, trainers, cooks, tailors, stain removers, advisers, psychologists and so on. They are walking talking google with the ability to be right at all times. They are especially good at knowing when you will be getting sick so you really should wear that jacket. Jokes aside, this Sunday every queen mother needs a day indulged in champagne, uplifting decor, and you. Here are four great spots where you can make that happen.


1. Jacks wife Freda 

Image via @parisamilano


Cuteness overload. Jack and Freda's love sparked the creation of two great restaurants with lines out the door. While this is a great brunch spot, unless you know the hostess, expect a wait. And if you do know the hostess, can we be friends? Unfortunately they do not take reservations but it is worth the wait. This place knows how to put a smile on your face from their cheerful staff to playful graphics. It's warm and welcoming, serving comfort food: American with a Jewish twist. 


2. Leuca 

Image via @johnnykalis


Located below the William Vale hotel, patterns will blow your mind here. Sunken below the side walk, the space is extremely uplifting for a basement. While the restaurant is spacious, divided into two segments, being seated at the front portion is highly recommended. The patterns and colors are more apparent in this part. Geometric tiles on the floor are accompanied with yellow high stools; marble bar proudly standing above dark stained wooden casement. As you walk down the stairs from the hotel, colorful plates hanging on the wall greets you. From high stools to booth couches to regular chairs the color changes from yellow to brown to taupe adding to the chicness of the restaurant. In the back room the cubical tile switches to an orientalist pattern chaperoned by wood planks starting from the floor and wrapping around the walls and partially the ceiling. Slightly vaulted and well lit ceiling is an interesting touch. Named after an Italian city, the place definitely brings southern Italian charm to Greenpoint. Cheers! 


3. Miss Paradis 


This is where you go to learn all the juice in the family while constantly filling your moms glass. Their cocktail menu is amazing! And that says a ton because descriptions on this page usually start with the design and not the edibles. Along with signature cocktails and regular wine menu, they also serve flavored wine and champagne. Do you need any other reason? If that wasn't convincing enough to launch open table and make a reservation, just take a look at the decor. Simply jaw dropping: black and white exotic patterned tile alongside with concrete and steel. Mannerist modern with antique candle holders that can easily be a prop in a scary movie yet fits in quite well with the space. The LED screens behind the bar plays different versions of Adam and Eve. It gets even more humorous as you taste different options of flavored wine. 


4. The Palm Court 

Image via @juliettesandbox


Ending the post with a space fit for a queen. The Palm Court in the Plaza Hotel is the ultimate spot if you're in to treat your mom. Marble columns with a stained glass skylight; having tea -I know- under palm trees. And their desert tray is multi leveled. This is where you treat yourself as well because well, how often does one dine in the Plaza Hotel? 


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