4 Restaurants to Impress Your Date in the City

January 31, 2018



Looking to impress your significant other and surround yourself in an extravagant setting?  Look no more.  Even though restaurants below might be considered appropriate for an engagement announcement rather than a date night, when impressing one another gets even harder each year, taking the extra step may leave a heavier burden on the wallet.  Afraid not, the scenery will be as jaw dropping - if not more- as the check.


One if By Land, Two If By Sea


Didn't get tickets to Hamilton? You can eat your disappointment away in what was once Aaron Burr's carriage house. Re-purposed carriage house may be New York's most romantic restaurant. A true classy candlelight dining experience. Chandeliers light the space, but only ever so slightly.  Restaurant has three prefix options; $90 for a three course meal, $125 for a six course tasting menu; and $185 for six course tasting menu with wine.  A la cart option is only available at the bar.


Photo Credit: One if by Land, Two if by Sea





If you can snag a reservation for a reasonable time at this restaurant, you are in luck!  Usually, even a month in advance, the only available time slots to dine at this Godfather inspired Italian restaurant is either 2 pm or somewhere around 10 pm.  The whole restaurant resembles a movie scene, and the decor only enhances that notion.  From black and white tiled floors to vibrant blue walls, the space is enchanting.  The waiter is your guide through this experience in a red tuxedo.  Carbone places itself as a red sauce restaurant so come hungry.  Hey, chances are you will be pretty starving around 10 pm anyways. 











The Rotunda


Are you ready to be transported to Paris, era of Louis XVI? Walking through the mural threshold on marble stairs, there is the Rotunda at the Pierre Hotel.  When not hosting debutante balls or charity events, the Rotunda is a restaurant coming out of a fairy tale.  Wrapped in the man made scenery of the enclosure, you are ensured of a one romantic dining experience. 


Most say till death do us apart here, but why wait until then when you can definitely enjoy a dinner for two.  I have marked this space as royalty dining, so if you want to spoil your inner Queen, this space will do the trick


Photo credit: @jmaksimovany








Le Coucou

Ready to shake off the roughness of the city off your shoulders and embrace the French cuisine in an a-list restaurant?  It's time to visit Le Coucou.  Taking on traditional French style with contemporary twists, Le Coucou ensures an experience.  Similar to Carbone, reservations are hard to come by. The elegant atmosphere is accentuated by brick walls, high ceilings and custom chandeliers.  


















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