Cozy up in these NYC Hotel Lobbies During the Winter

January 17, 2018


Winter is full force heading ahead, making ones blood rush, teeth shiver, and lips dry out.  The wind seems even harsher gushing through the concrete jungle; fingers take refuge in the warmth of to go coffee cups.  Where to defrost without shame in the grungy winter weather?  Here are four hotel lobbies that define the urban living room.  Whether its to take a breath from the cold weather or to kill time during the day, these are great safe spots for those who are spending  their day out and about.


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge


Definition of urban living room.  When sqft is scarce and main spaces are shared with others, value of urban living rooms increase by tenfold.  If you're looking to relax, feel as one with the nature, yet still be in the heart of a civilization, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge lobby is what you're looking for.  Whether is to kill time or to get work done, the space is fully equipped with couches that one can sink in, and plug in. There's also a cafe in the perimeter to enjoy snacks and drinks.  The lobby itself turns into a bar after 5 pm. 


Ace Hotel


An all time classic.  Located in midtown, with its cozy couches, many outlet locations, and lobby food and drink service, the Ace Hotel is perfect for those who just want to sit and chill, chat and chill, and work and chill.  Laptop friendly yet dim lit.  One can expect presence of a lot of mac books accompanied by young professionals. 


The Gramercy Park Hotel

Photo credit: @gramercyparkhotel


Elegance overload.  One cannot decide if it's the chandelier that creates a statement or the carpet, the lobby of Gramercy Hotel is extremely posh.  Unlike the other two lobbies, I extremely recommend to sit and sip a drink here after sunset.  You don't even have to step in to the Rose Bar to enjoy a glass or two by the fireplace. 


The Nomad


A lobby of books.  Stacks and stacks of books, separated by black contours. Double height lobby has a library-esque spiral staircase heading to the second level of books. You may feel like you have stepped into a movie scene. The New York Times describes this hotel as "the Ace for grown ups".  One can see why.  Large Persian rugs, upholstered seats, and a two century old fireplace imported from France screams Beaux-Arts inspired design. 


The Bowery Hotel

Photo credit: Annie Schlechter


From middle eastern tiles to wood carvings on the wall to candle like pendant lights, you may feel transported from lower east side to Marrakesh.  Mannerist yet fun, this lobby is great in every hour to sit and relax.  When the bar opens though, it also doubles as a great date spot for drinks.  Or pre-dinner meet ups for friends. 





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