Don't Miss Out on these Activities this Weekend in NYC

February 14, 2018


The city never disappoints, even in the dead of winter.  If you ask me, from President's Day to Easter, there are hardly any breaks in the schedule, no long weekends to look forward to.  Yet even in these darkest times, the seasonal bars/ restaurants, pop-ups deem weekends even more special.  This winter, do not miss out on these activities down on your calendar.


Winter Room at the Roof 

The bar of Viceroy Hotel, the Roof transitions into a winter room.  Think of a lot of branches and some lights in their covered outdoor space.  Along with their regular cocktail selection, at the winter room you can get winter warmer special cocktails; hot chocolate or cider and most importantly cheese and chocolate fondue.  No one has to think about the repercussions until May. 


the Yurts at the Standard

Photo credit: Standard Hotel 


Another hotel that knows how to convert their space into a winter wonderland is the Standard, East Village.  In their winter garden, they have set up the Yurts, Alpine tents that house minimum of four people.  For two hours, you can rent one of the yurts up to 12 people.  In order to cover per person minimum, you must dedicate to a fondue feast package. Beverage package is an add on option. Most importantly, the yurts are fully equipped with fur and fuzz to keep you warm.  This is ideal for those who are looking to throw a unique birthday dinner and would like to spend rest of their night on the couch preferably in a food coma. 


Camp Arlo at Arlo Soho


Similar to the Yurts at the Standard, Arlo Soho has partnered with Tentrr, to bring glam camping experience to the city. Tentrr, a startup that makes camping easy for likes of me -people who are not necessarily comfortable with lack of infrastructure-  Yet their chic structures on serene sites make it sound so romantic,  I have already decided to give it a try. Stay tuned for potential blog post in the near future.  In the mean time, these structures set up in the hotel grounds are furnished with cozy winter furniture; imagine couches with fur throws to board games.  There's a special menu for the whole experience that include themed drinks such as spiked hot chocolate and Irish coffee.  No winter camping experience would be complete without S'mores, of course.  Call Arlo Soho and reserve your tent now (up to 6 people).  The experience will be on until the end of March. 


Geronimo balloon installation at David Koch Theater


Has the balloon installation at David Koch theater take over your instagram feed yet?  Did it even make you go to the ballet?  Well, it certainly made me snag a ticket for sure.  For their Art Series, NYCB has partnered with Jihan Zencirli, a Turkish American artist known for her ephemeral balloon installations under the name of Geronimo.  The fleeting feeling brought by balloons tend to change the nature of the public spaces that the artist tackle.  200,000 biodegradable balloons do no less to the grandeous architecture of the theater.  The space will open it's doors to the public for free viewing sessions from February 17-25th.  A special show will be put out on February 24th for Here/Now.  


NYCB is known for their collaboration with visual artists for their Art Series in order to reach to a younger demographic and create a catalyst between visual arts and performing arts audience.  According to Art Zealous, NYCB has "succesfully increased ballet's under 35-year-old demographic"

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