Stream of Consciusness and some Chic Spots Along The Way

April 20, 2017


During this sabbatical from writing, there has been a bit of soul searching.  More so, voice searching. Although the public story behind this break was taxes - yucks, I know- the reason why I haven't returned to hitting up the keyboard, is the knowledge of not having found my voice yet.  For full disclosure, see below.


I rather refresh Instagram 100 times over and drain my battery in doing so at least three times a day before getting to Evernote and start typing away. (not an ad). Apps like Evernote is great in recording diarrhea of thoughts as one goes through stream of consciousness - apologies for graphics, yet still not an ad- You can write on the q, you can write while waiting for your coffee, you can write while getting blown off.  That didn't happen within the last month, although it did happen once, I'm just making a point here.  


 Random image of mine to break down the text


While writing from the soul that is within a niche and preferably in a list format seems to be the key for repins and reshares a like, that is not the solution for my reluctance. So no more SEO.  This post does embody some amazing places that you need to hit up but guess what, it's not thematically arranged nor it is on a list format. Not coincidentally these are the spaces where I've started to question the voice behind the text that will serve you the best. A refined message, an unclothed voice leading you to discover new places within the city -and perhaps beyond, eventually- Yet, how is one supposed to facilitate experiences with solely reporting about the places?

Another one, this feels a lot like a Drake song.


In large, this page is about New York City life style. Urban in its disposition, its a catalyst for facilitating experiences through the spaces and events depicted. In a city that's impossible to keep up with, -believe me I try- it's about having a backlog of places so you don't have to end up at the bar next door. It's about looking forward to that dinner reservation because you cannot wait to check the place out.  It's about enthusiastic group texts minus the stress of trying to figure out where to go; a list of suggestions accompanied by witty comments and whole lot of positive vibes. But, there are pitfalls. 


 Image via @andreannu


During a conversation at Baci e Vendetta with an Instagram friend, the clouds cleared. Without a voice, a refined message, blogging can be a slippery slope loosing sight of what really matters: bringing value to you. Places that are orientalist in nature spurs up nostalgia. Nostalgia brings wide range of misplaced stream of thoughts such as this. With washed out patterned yellow upholstered walls, painted beams spanning above, and blue and white flooring crisscrossing below, Venice in 1800's manifested itself in Alphabet City.  Orientalist. Nostalgic. While I was five bloggers too late to have visited that day, after the second glass of rose -which comes in a carafe- not much mattered. In the world of Instagram five people merely do not equal to five but thousands.  That is why you need to go and have a bite of their bruschetta. Soon, it will be on everyone's feed. This place is great not only because of everything deliciously edible, nor for it's gorgeous easy on the lens decor but also because of its location. Residing next to Three Seat Espresso where you can counteract the wine with your choice of caffeine and get a haircut if you're feeling adventurous.


 Image via @tinaxzw


Three Seat Espresso: a barber cafe.  Justifiably photographed over and over again.  Let's be honest, it's hard to resist the charm of great coffee, Aussie's, and yellow cups. Daily cortado intake, check. Timing matters.  Question; If a place is overly represented within the blogger realm, is it still worth showcasing it? Well, if it's all about new experiences, wouldn't I be turning away from one just because its been showcased over and over again?  Perhaps, it's not just about the content of the image but how that content is perceived. 


 Image via @caroline_davey


At Boucherie the responsibility of having an audience sinked in. Seated within a restaurant of Hemingway's Paris, as millennial bloggers the sole worry was to get best content possible for our prospective audience. The space is so large, you can forget you're in Manhattan where everything tends to be tiny, especially apartments. While I was looking for a good angle preferably with a flat perspective, grasping the gigantic acid etched mirror proudly standing behind the bar sharing a surface with posters from 1800's, mine was a challenge of fitting all the textures within the frame. In the name of appropriate representation, food bloggers, on the other hand, were asking specific questions regarding the dishes. A juxtaposition of what a camera can catch. Connecting back to how an image is perceived: Pure realism vs a little bit of fantasy. While a space is a space; how you regard it is only complete depending on your experience within it. That very experience unique to everyone, is the fantasy within the imagery. Yet, how is one supposed to tap into that fantasy while writing. Isn't that moving a step away from being a mere documentator to becoming a storyteller. And if there is a story behind all this, what is it? 


Clearly this is an open ended post. I do not have answers but more questions to resolve. While I dig in deep into the wilderness of my thoughts, let me know what type of emotions these spaces spur in you? Also, comment below and let me know whether you prefer a list post?

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