Time to book your next getaway

May 9, 2018


Maybe it’s from dragging your feet from point a to point b. Or it might be the redundancies of urban life. Monotonous train rides are accompanied with  same announcements. The air feels to stuffy and sometimes so does everyone around. If you’re feeling anything remotely similar to those anecdotes mentioned above; it is time to embrace the nature. This new type of camping is now conveniently called glamping. Why give up bare necessities just because you want to embrace the nature? 




Cue the Getaway house. A happy realization of HGTV’s tiny homes two hours away from either New York City, Washington DC, or Boston. A secluded oasis with all infrastructural necessities among the trees. 


If you’re ready to make the leap to the serene side; here’s what you should expect. These tiny houses come for either two or four people. Each house has a fully equipped bathroom, an electric cook top, a mini fridge and a queen bed. Next to the bed there’s a full width and height window to bring in the view. While shopping for food is recommended, there are items available for purchase showcased on the stainless steel counter top. One can pack as light or as heavy as necessary for the experience. 


The main element perhaps, is the fire pit outside surrounded by Adirondack chairs. Each house has its own fire pit with a campfire kit next to it. In the chest you can find everything necessary to light the fire. Now you’re ready to light the fire inside of you.  

Driving to the New York location is fairly easy. The address is sent a week prior and the door code with the exact cabin name is revealed couple of hours prior to arrival. There are multiple food-towns along the way for ingredients necessary for the grill master or master chef. 



As for our experience; the check in was one of the smoothest as all we had to do was punch in the code we were given earlier. An intriguing revelation happened as we realized our mini house is actually a mini house on wheels. In regards to edibles; our veggie burgers might be towards the burnt side but it sure tasted great when facing a small creek while watching the show brought on to us by squirrels. My extensive packing paid off as we had multiple furred throws to set on the Adirondacks and blankets to keep us warm aside the fire. While we couldn’t stay as long as we wanted to outside due to an extended New York winter, the unobstructed view was still available from our massive window (with heating and air conditioning). As one might imagine, the night and the morning after was pretty lazy until it was checkout time. 


While the whole getaway experience was intriguing; it ended prematurely. Note to self; book more than one night and pack extra covers for outside -depending on the season-  one of the many great things about this was that we didn’t have an itinerary. Our game plan revolved around sitting and eating. Then sitting and eating some more. There is no one size fits all plan; it’s a make your own adventure type of a trip. (They even put a small library in each house)


While I’m looking into booking my next one, you can read more about them here and jump on the glamping wagon. 




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