Where to Instagram like a pro in Charleston

October 1, 2019


If you're taking a trip and you don't post about it did you even go there? Let's be honest, whenever traveling it feels SO MUCH BETTER to also post the best pictures from the most insta worthy locations.  Well, if you're destined to head to Charleston, read on.  After this blog post you will have ten amazing locations for the gram in your arsenal. 





Let's start with the most famous tourist attraction in Charleston.  Rainbow Row is a street located in downtown Charleston consisting of row of pastel colored houses.  Pinks and blues and greens side by side waiting to be snapped and stored in your camera roll.  Even though the name suggests a long row of houses it's really 5 or 6 of them side by side.  A straight on shot may not capture the variety of colors here but if you stand in the middle of the street and angle your framing towards the sidewalk, you're bound to get more colors in.  Plus, the lamp posts are also very instagrammable. 





Charleston's architecture is extremely eye catching which makes it very feed worthy.  From Colonial to Federal to Georgian buildings with a little bit of Art Deco sprinkled here and there, you'll want to take your camera out and take photos in every other street corner.  The way brick buildings are engulfed with ivy or, intricate iron detailing on balconies, these buildings are perfect backdrops for your next post. In general, I recommend strolling down the streets between Rainbow Row and Market Street to catch a glimpse of these adorable buildings. 





Talking about adorable, this quaint little bakery is a must to stop by.  Beware, there might be cars parked right in front of it but if you stand between the two cars you'll be able to frame it just right. Plus, if you're looking to fuel yourself after a lot of adventuring around, why not step in for a snack.  It is quite small with no seating but they do have those two benches outside.




As far as diets go, Charleston is not an easy city to navigate around for plant based diet. So when I came across Basic Kitchen, an instagram worthy restaurant with a menu geared for all diets, imagine my joy.  The space is truly lovely, a little hippie, a little retro and whole lot of #decorinspo.  You might want to come in for brunch or just a glass of something something or maybe to cool yourself off but definitely make a stop.  It is located right off off King Street which is the main artery of downtown so you can easily add this to your itinerary.




For those who are not aware, movie the Notebook was based in Charleston.  If you're a fan and want to reenact the scene of Allie and Noah in a rowing boat romantically rowing away with swans, Cypress Gardens is where you want to head out to.  Replace swans with alligators and you are good to go. Located about 30 minutes north of the city, this is definitely a unique experience.  With $10 admission fee, you can hope on to one of the rowing boats for a self guided tour.  The boat is not one of those ones where two parties face one another, rather, you sit in a row facing the others back.  So as you might imagine, a little less romantic and a little though for photos but as long as you half turn and omit the back of your seat from the frame you'll have a winner angle. 




As an architecture lover this was definitely a gem for me.  it is unassuming from the outside but once stepped in you will be mesmerized.  If you're intrigued about elegant spaces and history, this is a great house to tour.  Not only the tour shines light on the architecture of the house but also the culture of its habitents.  The cantelievered stair in the main hall is jaw dropping.  If only we were allowed to access it, I would love to get one of those laying on the stairs or in the middle of the oval photos. I spent a good chunk of my time trying to figure out how they resolved the assymetrical doors on the ground floor on upper floors.  (P.S. I think the oval rooms diameters are different thus the doors to nowhere on either side is equal size on above floors)  Anyways, the colors will take you away to the wonderland.  The main dining room on the first floor and music room on the second floor were my two favorites. 





I have stumbled upon this shop and boy was my jaw dropped.  IF ONLY I had someone with me for a little photo op.  From floor to ceiling paintings with gold gilded frames to little sculptures peaking their head out to say hi, this little shop is loaded with trinkets and photo opportunities.  It is definitely a necessary stop to note down. 





Charleston is a city with historical baggage.  Plantations being one of them.  Now a lot of these mansions are turned into museums or event venues. Looking back at our trip, I would like to visit more of the plantations as they are important part of American history. Furthermore, since mansions were the prime way of establishing power and money, they tend to be quite mesmerizing.  This was the venue for the wedding we were invited to and oh boy those oak trees are gorgeous. According to our uber driver, they go all out for Halloween. Furthermore, going back to the movie the Notebook, this mansion is used as Allie's summer house.   





French influence in Charleston is quite apparent.  So it is not surprising to see gold accents and bistro chairs laid in a contemporary and elegant manner.  If that with plenty of wine sounds intriguing to you, you will love this bar.  Stop in for happy hour or drinks after dinner but definitely stop in. 




Hello pink art deco wonderland. It's okay to be transferred to Gatsby era every once in a while right? Camellias is great for celebratory drinks or just for drinks in general.  The bar opens at 4 pm so you might want to head there on the earlier side to have the whole space to yourself.  Regardless, the space speaks for itself, if these photos can't convince you, I don't know what can. 



Let me know about your trip in the comments.  If you have found other awesome spots, please do share, I'd love to add on to the list for the next time around.  Until then, you can always follow my adventures on instagram!










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